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By , Sunday, 27th May, 2007

Have now included an Advanced Search form on the site. Am using Zirona‘s Advanced Search Plugin (Version 0.6).

Installation again was easy:
Uploaded all files to the Plugins Directory
Activated the Plugin
Created a page with the content Advanced Search tag
Added the CSS Code from ctas.css to my theme’s CSS Style sheet

I have posted a comment at the Advanced Usage of Advanced Search page (Comment No. 41) to see if there is some way that the check boxes are unticked by default. Hopefulle we can find a solution to this.

Still have to work out how to exclude the page listing from the top menu bar when using this theme. Have used this WordPress site’s help page to exclude the listing from other sites, but can’t seem to find something similar in this theme. 🙁

Also would like to get an Advanced Search link below the regular search form in the sidebar, but styled like all the other buttons. Will have to work on that also.

Obviously, if a search was done now, there wouldn’t be a great many results returned (unless you searched for plugins, of course 🙂 ), but hopefully as the site ages, it will become a useful feature.

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