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By , Friday, 25th May, 2007

Now, I’ve set up a Social Bookmarking and an RSS Feed Button for this site.

First I got the AddThis WordPress Plugin (Version 1.0) from AddThis. I edited the plugin to include my username so that I can track stats. I then uploaded the plugin to the Plugins…Widgets folder, and activated it. This now puts this button:


at the bottom of each post. If you want to Bookmark a post, simply click on the Button at the bottom of the post and follow the prompts to save it to your favourite bookmarking site.

I also included in the sidebar the same button to Bookmark the whole site, as well as a Subscribe to the RSS Feed Button, which looks like:


Feel free to Bookmark me or subscribe to the feeds. 😀

EDIT (6/6/07): I have now un-installed the AddThis WordPress Plugin – simply because it seemed to add too much clutter to posts, and I found the ShareThis Plugin (which you can read about here), which seems so much neater. I have however left the AddThis banners in the sidebar (for the moment 😀 ).

EDIT (27/7/07): I have deleted the buttons from the sidebar also, and deleted the plugin.

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