Star of the Week Chair

By , Wednesday, 21st January, 2009

I have spent some time during this last week cleaning up my new classroom. I had a staff lounge chair in the classroom which was looking a bit tacky with the corners torn and the padding showing through. A quick trip to Spotlight and I found some lovely star material. I was planning to make this the new Star of the Week chair. Each week, one student is randomly selected to be the star of the week at our school. This was going to be the special seat for them to sit on. I think it turned out pretty good with the new covering.


Now to see how long my handiwork lasts…

2 Responses to “Star of the Week Chair”

  1. kelly normand says:

    I like your star chair. Has it lasted? I’ve always wanted my students to design a throne and scepter for me.

  2. Mr Gray says:

    Thanks for the compliment Kelly. The chair has lasted the year out so far and is still in pretty good condition – doesn’t even look dirty, which is what I thought would happen to it, being a cotton material. I’m sure I’ll get at least another year out of it!! 🙂

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