More Homework Please

By , Tuesday, 16th March, 2010

I read the following in a local school’s weekly newsletter and thought it was worded so beautifully, I’ve reproduced it here.

As your children grow and change we are always asking them to forget what makes them be a child. As parents and educators we need to empower our children to be true to themselves, try new things and explore a whole world of possibilities that lies before them every day. Parents often want teachers to provide more and more homework from an early age. I believe there must be a balance between work and play.

If your child needs more to do or learn, ask them to learn a magic trick, open the dictionary at a random page and learn a new word, make a handmade birthday card and use it for your next party, build something, clean out a cupboard, start an address book, learn a poem, take some photos, read the paper, learn to sew on a button, learn to read a map, practise a cartwheel, memorise some interesting trivia so you can say to someone “Did you know…..?”, dig a worm from the garden and watch it, create a new ball game and of course relax, watch clouds and most of all imagine and pretend.

This is all learning!!! Homework does not have to be pen and paper tasks, it can be totally fun and enjoyable. Having fun and “chilling out” is a necessity for children. Little people’s lives are becoming busier all the time. So as parents give them permission to play, laugh and relax. Building life experiences and vocabulary is so important in the early years of learning.

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