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Mistakes in Maths

By , Wednesday, 3rd August, 2011

can be serious….

I Just Don’t Have Any Spare Time

By , Thursday, 16th June, 2011

Another timely comic from the NSWTF’s Education Journal.

Allergic to Science

By , Monday, 9th May, 2011

Layers of Management

By , Friday, 15th April, 2011

How Homework Should Be

By , Sunday, 20th February, 2011


A Tough Time

By , Friday, 28th January, 2011

Who else likes the start of the new school year??

Black & White Version

Missing Undies

By , Monday, 6th December, 2010

After having just finished two weeks of the Intensive Swimming Program, I can fully understand the latest comic in the NSWTF’s Education Newspaper.

A Nothing Report

By , Thursday, 28th October, 2010

Another great Ginger Meggs Comic, especially at this time of student report writing.

Mother: What’s that you’re hiding Ginger?

Ginger: Oh nothing mum!

Mother: And did you score an”F” on your nothing?

Ginger: Maybe?

The Modern Reading Scheme

By , Wednesday, 27th October, 2010

Another great Ginger Meggs comic.

Mother: Ginger!! Get off the computer and read your book!

Ginger: But I am!

Mother: Facebook doesn’t count

Pay Attention

By , Tuesday, 26th October, 2010

Another great Ginger Meggs comic.

Canehard: MEGGS!! Pay attention!

Ginger: Who says you don’t have to pay anything at a public school!

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