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A New Theme: OfficeFolders 1.4

By , Friday, 9th April, 2010

I’ve been wanting to change my theme for a little while now, and finally settled on one – OfficeFolders 1.4 by Themocracy.

I made a slight change to the footer:

which also necessitated a slight change to the style.css file (#footer-inner – height changed from 50px to 65px)

Original Theme Files

Be sure to let me know what you think of the new theme.

New Theme for

By , Thursday, 22nd May, 2008

I got tired of my old theme (Nikynik Blue), I thought it was starting to look a bit dated.

So I went looking for a new theme, still retaining the blue colour and came across Deep Blue WordPress Theme.


The theme was created by Nathan Rice. Thanks Nathan.

PodPress plugin installed

By , Monday, 17th September, 2007

Tonight I have installed the PodPress Plugin (Version 8.2). This will now allow me to upload audio and visual files and be able to play them. Installation easy – straight into plugins directory and activate. The only thing I did do was change the default colours to match in with the theme I’m using. Here are the default colours:


And here are my modifications:


And this is what the mp3 player looks like:


WP-DB-Backup Plugin

By , Thursday, 16th August, 2007

I have now installed the WP-DB-Backup Plugin (Version 2.1.2) from Filosofo. Installed in the regular directory and activated. Now accessed via Manage > Backup.

WP Plugins Tracker

By , Sunday, 12th August, 2007

Also installed this plugin – WordPress Plugins Tracker (Version 0.2), which immediately helped to show me that some of the plugins I am using  are not the latest versions available.

Admin Drop Down Menu Plugin

By , Sunday, 12th August, 2007

I have just installed a new plugin – Admin Drop Down Menu Version 2.2.1 from Yellow Swordfish. I have been using Planet Ozh’s plugin, but was finding that some of the menu had two many items, forcing them onto a new line, and making things look a bit untidy. I came across this new one, and as it has the menu in a vertical line, I shouldn’t run into that problem.

Adding Some Buttons

By , Sunday, 5th August, 2007

So over the past couple of days I have been working on adding some buttons to my sidebar. Of course, a Google search helped me with this.

Taylor McKnight has a huge collection of badges available for download.

If that still doesn’t get you what you need, then make your own using one of these sites:

So there you go, get busy putting up some badges.

Some CSS Class Options

By , Wednesday, 1st August, 2007

I recently discovered that it appeared there could be some CSS Class options available within the theme I was using.

A bit of searching found this bit of information, which helped me work out how to get it working.

CSS Class Example

Very easily, all I have to do to display the text as styled above is use the following bit of code:

CSS Class Code

around the text I want styled in that format (minus the spaces between the greater than and less than symbols, of course!).

So the class-names that I can use are:

  • download
  • code
  • alarm
  • alert
  • favourite_post

Nikynik Blue Theme

By , Friday, 13th July, 2007

So I thought it was about time I wrote about the theme I’m using on this site. It’s called Nikynik Blue and a big thanks to Nikynik for making it – I really like it. 😀

I can’t even remember where I first came across it – it might have been over at edublogs that I first saw it, but not real sure.

Anyway I did a google to try to find some sources for it, and these were the only ones that I could find:

  1. The WordPress Theme Viewer has it here.
  2. and after much searching, Nikynik has it on the Templates Page.

Here are the screen shots from those sites:

WordPress Theme Viewer Site:


Nikynik’s Site:


As can be seen from Nikynik’s site – it seems as though there are a few different class options available – something I didn’t realise until I found this page. It looks like they might read as:

  1. alert
  2. download
  3. favourite post
  4. code, and
  5. alarm.

I’m not yet sure how to use these though. Will need to look into it.

Also, it should be noted that I have made a few little changes to the theme, mainly to accomodate some of the plugins I’m using (and I’ve described those changes in posts where I’ve written about the plugin!).

I haven’t come across any other sites using the nikynik blue theme (and surely there must be some, seeing as how great a theme it is), so if you are using the theme feel free to drop a comment, I’d love to check out your site.

Again, thanks for the great theme, nikynik.

Edit: I just found another link for nikynik over at, though not much there. Here it is.

EDIT (Again!!): Worked out how to use those Class Options. Wrote about it here. This site and this one helped me to work it out.

New Contact Me Plugin

By , Thursday, 5th July, 2007

I really didn’t like the look of my old Contact Me page, so I looked for a different plugin. I found intouch (version 1.2), which I think I had actually used on the school’s intranet page – I don’t know why I didn’t just use that one in the first place 😕

I had to upload each of the files direct to the plugin directory, and activated it. Then inserted the new quicktag code intouch code on the Contact Me Page.

Actually, I also found the intouch with subject plugin, which provides the same functionality but lets you insert a predefined subject, however it hasn’t been updated, and there was some talk about security issues in the earlier intouch plugin which this is based from. I have left a comment asking if this is going to be updated.

Now, Go on, send me a message 😆

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