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A Murderous Maths Quiz

By , Wednesday, 15th September, 2010

This news item came to me from ABC News via Twitter today.

Teacher sorry for murderous maths quiz

A Japanese primary school teacher has been reprimanded for giving his pupils a maths problem in which he asked how long it would take to kill 18 children at a rate of three murders a day.

The 45-year-old male teacher, whose name has been withheld, has apologised for giving the quiz to his pupils, aged seven and eight, at his public school in Okazaki, central Japan.

“I did it carelessly. I deeply reflect on my conduct,” he was quoted as saying by the officials over the incident in May, which apparently led to a parent complaint to the school in July.

The teacher reportedly asked the children: “There are 18 kids. If we kill three per day, how many days it will take?”

The school board said it handed the teacher a “strict reprimand”.

“It should not happen again,” said Kumiko Atsumi, a board official.

“We are very sorry. We are taking measures to prevent a repeat of similar cases.”

News of the incident emerged as new education ministry statistics said cases of violence at Japanese schools rose for a fourth straight year to hit a record 60,913 cases for the year to March.

Two Stars and a Wish

By , Tuesday, 7th September, 2010

I came across this snappy little line, “Two Stars and a Wish” on twitter last night – a way of encouraging kids to evaluate work. Could also be good as a useful “formula” for leaving comments on students blogs.

The strategy involves the children identifying two things they like about the work (stars) and one way the work could be improved (wish).

Sparklebox has a downloadable proforma (or here) or there’s this one on the BCRPA site (or here).

Honest Lesson Evaluations

By , Wednesday, 9th December, 2009

I came across this honest lesson evaluation via Twitter.


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