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The Meaning of Life

By , Wednesday, 19th May, 2010

An Insanity Streak comic….

Teacher: Class, today we’re very lucky to have a guru as our guest speaker. So, everyone pay attention as he’ll be revealing to us the meaning of life!!

Student: Miss, will we have homework on this?

Larger Version

A Fabulous Grading Error

By , Tuesday, 18th May, 2010

Well, many of us are busy writing reports, and following the distribution of those will be Parent/Teacher Interviews. This comic came to me via Twitter.

Teacher: Well, Silly me! That should’ve been an A! I must’ve given your son an F by mistake because the only word on my mind was fabulous!

It’s a chalkboard

By , Monday, 26th April, 2010

“There aren’t any icons to click. It’s a chalkboard.”

Source: Glasbergen

Report Card Critic

By , Sunday, 25th April, 2010

Source: F Minus

Classroom Management

By , Monday, 12th April, 2010

But seriously, the following quote came from @Aaron_Eyler via Twitter #edchat hashtag.

The best indicator of classroom management might even be what the kids do the days you AREN’T in school.

I know I love it when I return to my class to find reports that they’ve been wonderful and got through everything I planned for them.

What do you think? Is it an accurate measure of your classroom management?

Teach him to whistle

By , Saturday, 11th October, 2008

I’ve been doing some cleaning out lately, and came across this comic which appeared in a 1998 issue of Curriculum Support for Primary Teachers – yes, I know, we teachers do keep a lot of stuff, just in case, don’t we?

Anyway, I thought the comic was too good to just throw out – click to see the full comic.


Homework Excuse

By , Thursday, 21st August, 2008

I suppose this excuse might work?? 😕


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