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By , Friday, 25th May, 2007

OK so one of the first things I’ve done is set up my favicon.

What’s a favicon?” you might ask?

Have a look in the address bar of your web browser. Do you see the little blue graphic to the left of this website’s address? It should look like this:


If you can see it, great!! If not, don’t be too alarmed – not all web browsers display favicons. I recommend Safari, Opera and Firefox as web browsers.

So I am implementing the favicon, by using the Favicon Manager WordPress Plugin (Version 0.1) available from Digital Ramble.

Very easy to set up:
Upload to WordPress Plugins Folder
Activate the plugin at the Plugin Panel
Set the options via Options…Favicons.

Easy as. 🙂

Thanks for the plugin Cindy.

Want to know where I got my favicon from? I found it through a google search. Thanks to Nhyrvana.info for the geometric favicons collection.

If you’ve already got a picture you’d like to use you can convert it at the FavIcon from Pics site.

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