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By , Monday, 28th May, 2007

Now I’ve installed the Gravatars2 Plugin (Version 2.6.2), from the ZenPax site.

Installations was a little more fiddlier than the other plugins I’ve installed, but I got there in the end:
Place the gravatars2-cache-refresh.php in the root directory of the site
place the gravatars folder in the wp-content folder
place the contents of the plugins folder into the plugins folder.

Activate the plugins and set the options.
I didn’t need to add the CSS Stlye for gravatars to my theme, as it already had something set.
I also didn’t need to add the required code to my comments.php file, as it too was already there.

From this site, I discovered that there is a gravatar signup plugin, which I thought might make it easier for some of my readers to get a gravatar. However, that page had been moved to here. From here, I was able to download and install it (straight into plugins folder) and activate it. Hopefully some more people will get into the gravatar thing. 🙂

Ohh, for those of you wondering what a Gravatar is, go visit the site.

I can display any gravatar I’d like in a post by inserting this code:

Gravatar Code

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