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By , Friday, 13th July, 2007

So I thought it was about time I wrote about the theme I’m using on this site. It’s called Nikynik Blue and a big thanks to Nikynik for making it – I really like it. 😀

I can’t even remember where I first came across it – it might have been over at edublogs that I first saw it, but not real sure.

Anyway I did a google to try to find some sources for it, and these were the only ones that I could find:

  1. The WordPress Theme Viewer has it here.
  2. and after much searching, Nikynik has it on the Templates Page.

Here are the screen shots from those sites:

WordPress Theme Viewer Site:


Nikynik’s Site:


As can be seen from Nikynik’s site – it seems as though there are a few different class options available – something I didn’t realise until I found this page. It looks like they might read as:

  1. alert
  2. download
  3. favourite post
  4. code, and
  5. alarm.

I’m not yet sure how to use these though. Will need to look into it.

Also, it should be noted that I have made a few little changes to the theme, mainly to accomodate some of the plugins I’m using (and I’ve described those changes in posts where I’ve written about the plugin!).

I haven’t come across any other sites using the nikynik blue theme (and surely there must be some, seeing as how great a theme it is), so if you are using the theme feel free to drop a comment, I’d love to check out your site.

Again, thanks for the great theme, nikynik.

Edit: I just found another link for nikynik over at, though not much there. Here it is.

EDIT (Again!!): Worked out how to use those Class Options. Wrote about it here. This site and this one helped me to work it out.

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