You’ve Been Teaching Too Long When You…

By , Saturday, 18th April, 2009

a bit like “You Might Be in Education if…” but here goes.

You’ve Been Teaching Too Long When You…

  1. Think that canteen chocolate bars are “real food”
  2. Know more than five uses for milk cartons.
  3. Sing the school song while ironing!
  4. Think that going to the supermarket is a special trip out.
  5. Start setting homework for yourself.
  6. Call your Principal, ‘darling’.
  7. Records your school’s address on competition forms.
  8. Think that staff meetings are the best fun you’ve had all week.
  9. Cry with joy when your back-to-back photocopying comes out the right way up.

One Response to “You’ve Been Teaching Too Long When You…”

  1. Mr Gray says:

    Re: Number 3
    Not while ironing, but whenever I hear the song My Grandfather’s Clock, I can’t help but sing the Wellington Public School school song, which follows the same tune. I can never remember the real words, much to my son’s disappointment, as he is currently practising the song for the Dubbo Eisteddfod.

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