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By , Monday, 12th April, 2010

I’ve been on Twitter for a little while now (well, since 10th August 2009 actually) but hadn’t really used it well or much – quite simply I didn’t know what to do.

However, during these holidays I followed the #acec2010 hashtag using TweetDeck. The hashtag was used for the Australian Computers in Education Conference, held in Melbourne. I saw how useful Twitter can be. Even though I wasn’t able to attend the conference, I was able to pick up some points via other people’s tweets. (More about those later)

I have been following the #edchat hashtag for much longer and have picked up some useful comments via that also. One of the recent topics has been about Parent & Teacher Communication and how to foster that. There were ideas for class blogs (something I’d like to try – intended doing that a few years back, but then received a sudden transfer so lost the opportunity 🙁 ), twitter accounts, facebook pages and the more traditional email or telephone calls. They have a wiki set up which collects all the tweets together, so is worth a look over.

Another topic was about how to use Twitter to foster communication, with a list started over at PrimaryPad. Here’s what they’ve listed so far:

  • Celebrating children’s work, with links to examples of work online.
  • Asking for feedback… so followers can add comments and share valuable feedback with the pupils. Tweet a sentence from a ‘Big Write’ and get instant feedback for the pupil.
  • Posting school news
  • Posting live updates about school events (e.g. sports matches)
  • Post updates from an educational visit (e.g. residential)
  • Reporting school closure information
  • send reminders about events in school or homework I’m sure there’s a way you can set it up to automatically post a tweet when a reminder email is sent from Google Calendar
  • Use to pose questions for children to debate/answer
  • All we do with Wilsden’s is aggregate from an RSS feed (School Blog) – auto, quick and simple.  0 Maintenance ftw.
  • Ask your PLN questions to use within lessons – gather data for Numeracy, places for Geography, punctuation puzzles in Literacy
  • Display community notices – e.g. parenting groups,
  • Play games in lessons using PLN – #VCOPsaid, #VCOPwent, #VCOPadverb, get children to think of as many alternative words for ‘said’, went, or and adverb. Display the hashtag feed through and children get 1 point for each they manage to match. Worked a treat in Year 6. (Maybe more suited to personal account not schools?)
  • Report on progress/activities on school trips.  A residential trip – our trip to London next week.
  • Ask questions of people across the world – A Malawian in Japan, whe we were lookin at Malawi.
  • Talk topic questions or for P4C questions
  • Easy to embed twitter widget onto school website – easy for all to update remotely with school news etc
  • Set up an account for a fictional or historical character – I have previously had children tweeting the story of the Gunpowder Plot using Hootsuite to schedule tweets – (@lcs_rcatesby)
  • Use alongside Twitterfall to create a vidiprinter of sports results (as an independent school – every weds we have about 15 teams playing home and away – results get tweeted)
What are some other ways to help develop Home/School communication?? Doesn’t necessarily have to be just with twitter either – leave your ideas in the comments.

Image Source: Twitter via Flickr

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  1. Mr Gray says:

    You can find a transcript of the #acec2010 hashtag here.

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