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The Backpack Shield

By , Wednesday, 17th October, 2007

I was reading the Top ten gadgets every designer SHOULD live without, and thought I hope I don’t ever end up teaching in the type of community that needs these Backpack Shields in their bag:


As this report says:

Designed for “college students, high school students, concerned parents, and commuters”, I’d seriously consider moving to a better neighbourhood if buying this kevlar re-inforced backpack, capable of stopping a .44 Magnum bullet, seems like a sound investment.

The manufacturer reminds us that “It’s a major survival advantage versus not having any protection at all and being shot with a couple of 9 mm/44 Magnum rounds.” – Somehow that’s never been particularly high on my list of criteria when I go backpack shopping – until now.


Ian’s Shoelace Site

By , Saturday, 25th August, 2007

I can’t remember how I came across this site, but I’ve had it stored on my computer for a while now. It is Ian’s Shoelace Site, which has a huge list of different ways to lace your shoes, heaps of different knots to use as well as heaps of other hints and tips. Pretty Amazing and worth a visit.


Tie a tie

By , Saturday, 18th August, 2007


Having started a new position at a new (to me) school, I quickly discovered the dress code for the male executives was formal. This didn’t bother me, as I had been wearing shirt and tie at my previous school for a number of years. But it did get me thinking, that I should probably learn some more ways to tie a tie. Of course a quick search got me the results I needed. After all, I didn’t want instructions like these. 🙂

tie_instructions has a site, though it’s not overly pretty.

Then there’s the site which has good, clear pictures and instructions:

Then, there’s also the video download sites. Now I haven’t downloaded these (you do need to purchase them), but they do have a clear picture of what the knot should look like when finished:

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