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Stop Wasting Time

By , Monday, 25th October, 2010

Another Ginger Meggs comic

Teacher: What is it Ginger?

Ginger: Can I go home early Miss Buxton?

Teacher: Why?

Ginger: I’m learned out today! I can’t stuff another thing in my brain! I figure we’re both wasting our time me hanging around!

Ginger (sitting outside Principal’s Office): So whatever happened to honesty being the best policy?

The Committed Student

By , Sunday, 24th October, 2010

A Ginger Meggs comic I came across….

Friend: Why do you keep putting your hand up when you don’t know the answers?

Ginger Meggs: I’m trying to make Canehard feel like an inadequate teacher.

Friend: Jeez, you’re committed aren’t you.

Encouraging Online Help Desk Usage

By , Friday, 17th September, 2010

From Off the Mark, an innovative, although possibly embarrassing, way to encourage people to use an online help desk instead of the phone system.

A New School Uniform

By , Tuesday, 7th September, 2010

Another great F Minus comic:

Teacher: Children, we called this assembly to show you the new school uniform.

Two Wrongs Make A Right Angle

By , Sunday, 5th September, 2010

I was looking for a graphic to decorate a wallwisher page for some work my class had done on Right Angles the other day. I came across the following comic which made me laugh.

Source: CartoonStock

Love That Counting

By , Friday, 13th August, 2010

Source: Peanuts

Did Everyone Study for the Test?

By , Saturday, 31st July, 2010

Teacher: “Now, did everyone study for their test today?”

Ginger Meggs: “If we all say no, I reckon we won’t have to do it! Pass it on!”

Peer Pressure among shapes

By , Monday, 19th July, 2010

An F for Class Participation

By , Sunday, 27th June, 2010

The problem with short arms, especially in the classroom. See the Comic here… Off The Mark

Teacher: Looks like it’ll be another F in class participation, Rex!

T-Rex: This is so unfair

A 3-D Report Card

By , Thursday, 24th June, 2010

So our Report Cards were handed out to the children yesterday. I wonder if any of the children tried this play on words???

See the Comic: Off The Mark

“Nice try, but no, I’m not impressed with your 3 D Report Card…”

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