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It’s a chalkboard

By , Monday, 26th April, 2010

“There aren’t any icons to click. It’s a chalkboard.”

Source: Glasbergen

Old style

By , Sunday, 25th April, 2010

For those times when you just want to do it old style… why not try the online chalkboard??

A Big Button Calculator

By , Wednesday, 19th August, 2009

Came across this calculator, which would be handy for whole class demonstration. It has big buttons and a simple layout – just the essentials. Nice and big too.

Big Button Calculator

Weather Chart Icons

By , Tuesday, 28th October, 2008

I came across these Free Weather Icons the other day – could be good for use on a weather chart, or maybe even an IWB version?? I might even try to come up with something like that a little later on.   😉   Let me know if you’ve seen a good IWB chart for recording daily weather…maybe we could incorporate these icons into it?? Thanks again to the Web Design Guru for these free icons.


I also found these icons over at

An Online Stopwatch

By , Thursday, 5th June, 2008

Everybody needs a stopwatch at some point — and there’s never one around!

Well… Now there is! Online Stopwatch!

A Simple, Fast Flash Online Stopwatch and Online Countdown timer always available when you need it.


Including not only a Stopwatch and a CountDown feature, but also available are a Split Lap Timer, an Egg Timer version, a Bomb countdown version and a Clock face version. All of these can be enlarged to full screen mode – perfect for use on an IWB.



SMART World Teachers’ Day Video Contest 2007

By , Thursday, 4th October, 2007

The winners of Smarttech’s World Teachers’ Day Video Contest for 2007 have been announced – with the global winner being Miss Lisa McCallum, a Kindergarten teacher at St. Therese Primary School in Sydney, Australia. View their winning video now by clicking the picture below.


Full Screen Calculator

By , Wednesday, 29th August, 2007

From Ambleside Primary School website, comes this Full Screen Calculator. Perfect for those times when you need it real big to show the whole class!! Ambleside have a heap of other activities perfect for the whiteboard.


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