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Love That Counting

By , Friday, 13th August, 2010

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By , Tuesday, 6th July, 2010

Did you know????

You can re-arrange the letters of


to make


Image: Flickr by teotwawki

A Big Button Calculator

By , Wednesday, 19th August, 2009

Came across this calculator, which would be handy for whole class demonstration. It has big buttons and a simple layout – just the essentials. Nice and big too.

Big Button Calculator

Google Calculator – not always right

By , Friday, 26th September, 2008

Google has a calculator function, which can solve mathematical problems for you. But maybe you shouldn’t always trust the answers given?? Take a look…


Division Problems

By , Sunday, 18th November, 2007

Have been doing some marking lately, and this student’s answer on their Year 4 Maths Assessment made me chuckle:


Online Graph/Grid Paper Resource

By , Thursday, 1st November, 2007

graph-paperI needed some graph paper for an activity I was planning on doing with the class today. Of course, I couldn’t find a pad of the stuff already printed out, so I turned to my friend Google and came across‘s site which allows me to generate exactly what I needed then download it as a PDF. They also had a heap of other different types of paper stationery.

The Amazing Mystical Mind Reader

By , Sunday, 14th October, 2007

I’m not yet sure how they do it, but this Mind Reader actually works. Very clever!!!


Full Screen Calculator

By , Wednesday, 29th August, 2007

From Ambleside Primary School website, comes this Full Screen Calculator. Perfect for those times when you need it real big to show the whole class!! Ambleside have a heap of other activities perfect for the whiteboard.


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