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PodPress plugin installed

By , Monday, 17th September, 2007

Tonight I have installed the PodPress Plugin (Version 8.2). This will now allow me to upload audio and visual files and be able to play them. Installation easy – straight into plugins directory and activate. The only thing I did do was change the default colours to match in with the theme I’m using. Here are the default colours:


And here are my modifications:


And this is what the mp3 player looks like:


WP-DB-Backup Plugin

By , Thursday, 16th August, 2007

I have now installed the WP-DB-Backup Plugin (Version 2.1.2) from Filosofo. Installed in the regular directory and activated. Now accessed via Manage > Backup.

WP Plugins Tracker

By , Sunday, 12th August, 2007

Also installed this plugin – WordPress Plugins Tracker (Version 0.2), which immediately helped to show me that some of the plugins I am usingร‚ย  are not the latest versions available.

Admin Drop Down Menu Plugin

By , Sunday, 12th August, 2007

I have just installed a new plugin – Admin Drop Down Menu Version 2.2.1 from Yellow Swordfish. I have been using Planet Ozh’s plugin, but was finding that some of the menu had two many items, forcing them onto a new line, and making things look a bit untidy. I came across this new one, and as it has the menu in a vertical line, I shouldn’t run into that problem.

New Contact Me Plugin

By , Thursday, 5th July, 2007

I really didn’t like the look of my old Contact Me page, so I looked for a different plugin. I found intouch (version 1.2), which I think I had actually used on the school’s intranet page – I don’t know why I didn’t just use that one in the first place ๐Ÿ˜•

I had to upload each of the files direct to the plugin directory, and activated it. Then inserted the new quicktag codeย intouch code on the Contact Me Page.

Actually, I also found the intouch with subject plugin, which provides the same functionality but lets you insert a predefined subject, however it hasn’t been updated, and there was some talk about security issues in the earlier intouch plugin which this is based from. I have left a comment asking if this is going to be updated.

Now, Go on, send me a message ๐Ÿ˜†

FeedBurner “FeedSmith” Plugin

By , Wednesday, 4th July, 2007

I have now signed up to FeedBurner and installed their FeedSmith WordPress Plugin (Version 2.2). The plugin was originally created by Steve Smith. Installation was easy enough, dropped into Plugins directory and activated it. Set the feed addresses from FeedBurner.

It now means that all my feeds will be directed through FeedBurner, which should give me an idea of how many people are subscribing to see what I’ve got to say.’s site proved to be very helpful on how to set this up. Thanks.

WordPress Avatar Plugin

By , Wednesday, 20th June, 2007

Thanks to Ozh for his WordPress Avatar Plugin (Version 1.1) which I just installed.

I edited the location of the default gravatar image in the wp_ozh_avatarpopup.php file, then uploaded it to the Plugins directory and activated it.

Basically, these are the options available (minus the spaces!!), check Ozh’s page for examples:

Avatar Code

EDIT (27/7/07): I have deleted this – I wasn’t really using it, and keeping it meant I just had to remember another thing. ๐Ÿ˜€

Some Comment Styling

By , Tuesday, 19th June, 2007

This post is simply to do some Comment Styling of the theme and be able to test it. ๐Ÿ™‚
Things I’d like to get right are:

  1. Gravatars displayed at full size (80px x 80px), preferably on left hand side
  2. Gravatars displayed in line, ie not indented further into the page as more and more comments are added (see picture below)
  3. Default Gravatar picture changed (see current picture below)
  4. Different coloured background for author (my) comments
  5. Perhaps a number displayed in each comment
  6. Perhaps some stats listed on front page (number of posts, number of comments, etc)

The following sites might be of use for me to get this happening:
Gravatar and the Broken Image Icon
Gravatar Popup Plugin
CSS Styling for Alternating Colours & Author Comment Background
WordPress Codex – Using Gravatars
WordPress Codex – Plugins
Comment Styling
Styling your WordPress Forms
WordPress Author Comment Highlighting
WordPress Support – number on comments
Plugin for my comments
Counting Comments & Trackbacks

Comments being indented:


Unknown Gravatar Picture:


EDIT (11/8/07): Tonight I came across the separate comments & Pings plugin (Version 1.0) which fixed up the problem of counts not being correct. Then followed these instructions to get it all right.

I was also able to use the following sites to help me sort it all out:

  1. Ryan J Parker’s Site
  2. Lorelle’s Site
  3. Noscope’s Site
  4. Tamba2’s Site

Subscribe to Comments

By , Friday, 15th June, 2007

I have now just added the ability for readers to subscribe to comments made after they’ve added a comment – this will help readers keep up with what’s being discussed on the site. To achieve this functionality, I am using the Subscribe to Comments Plugin (Version 2.1).

Installation involved uploading the file to plugins directory and activating it. There were also some options to configure it via Options…Subscribe to Comments.

WordPress phpMyAdmin Plugin

By , Friday, 15th June, 2007

I’ve just added the WordPress phpMyAdmin Plugin (Version 2.8.2).
I think this will help me to manage the database that holds all the information on this site.

Installed into plugins directory and activated. Then go to Manage…phpMyAdmin to do important stuff. ๐Ÿ˜€

EDIT (24/6/07): I have just upgraded the site, and decided that this plugin wasn’t really necessary – I can use cPanel to do this pretty easily.

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