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Contact Me Form added

By , Thursday, 14th June, 2007

Tonight sees me add a contact form to the site. I am using the Secure & Accessible Contact Form for WordPress (Version B20070414). I installed the plugin in the usual space and followed the instructions to get the form up and running. I think I now need to do some CSS editing, as I don’t like the way my theme puts borders around the various parts of the form (like in the picture below – yes it is a picture below, not the actual contact form, so don’t try to type into it 😀 ):


So anyway, now you can contact me by clicking on the tab located in the header of this site or by using this link.

EDIT (5/7/07): I have now deactivated and deleted this plugin – see my post regarding the installation of my new contact page.

Nice Categories Plugin

By , Sunday, 10th June, 2007

This is a simple little plugin which will:

display the categories under which an entry is filed in the following way:

Single category: Category1
Two categories: Category1 and Category 2
Three categories: Category1, Category2 and Category3
Four categories: Category 1, Category 2, Category 3 and Category 4

I installed the plugin in the Plugins directory and activated it. Then I just needed to do some minor modifications to my theme files to get it to display the categories nicely.

Picked the plugin up from at this page.

Update Manager Plugin

By , Monday, 4th June, 2007

Well I just grabbed the Update Manager Plugin, Version 1.8 and uploaded it to plugins directory and activated it.

Unfortunately, like some others, I am getting the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: fetch_url() in /home/mrg9504/public_html/wp-content/plugins/update-manager.php on line 191

I hope this problem can be resolved, because it should make it much easier to make sure everything’s up to date.

Akismet Plugin activation

By , Monday, 4th June, 2007

Tonight also sees me activate the Akismet Plugin, Version 2.0. This involved me signing up for an account at, then using the API Key to activate the plugin.

I’m actually quite surprised. The only reason I’ve activated this plugin now is because tonight I had two spam comments already. And the site has only been going for 15 days – I’m amazed at how quickly they found the site.

Hopefully this plugin will get rid of these annoying comments.

Google Sitemap Generator

By , Monday, 4th June, 2007

Tonight sees the installation of Google Sitemap Generator WordPress plugin, Version 2.7.1

simply uploaded the sitemap.php file to plugins directory and activated. Then under Options…Sitemap, I clicked the button to build the sitemap.

I guess now this site will be google compliant in regards to sitemaps, whatever that means!! ❓

Running Time Plugin

By , Wednesday, 30th May, 2007

Tonight I’ve installed Running Time (Version 1.1b2) wordpress plugin from

Uploaded to my plugins directory, activated, and include the following code somewhere (probably my sidebar):

Running Time code

I know this site’s young, but it might be fun as it gets older, to know exactly how long it’s been going for?? 😀

Better Comments Manager Plugin

By , Tuesday, 29th May, 2007

Whilst at Planet Ozh‘s site, I stumbled across his link to Better Comments Manager Plugin (Version 1.2) for WordPress.

Installation was easy – download the files, install them in my Plugins Directory and activate.

To use I just go to Comments…Better Comments Manager, and since the installation of the Admin Drop Down Menu I just wrote about, I get there very quickly.

Admin Drop Down Menu

By , Tuesday, 29th May, 2007

I found this WordPress Admin Drop Down Menu (Version 1.3) over at Planet Ozh.
Very handy.
It now saves so many clicks and gets me to various parts of my site quickly and easily, without having to wait for my slow dial-up internet access to load. Yippee!!!

Installation was easy, save the code as php, then upload to plugins directory and activate.

Thanks Ozh. 🙂

EDIT (12/8/07): Have changed to a new plugin. Read this post.

Gravatars2 Plugin

By , Monday, 28th May, 2007

Now I’ve installed the Gravatars2 Plugin (Version 2.6.2), from the ZenPax site.

Installations was a little more fiddlier than the other plugins I’ve installed, but I got there in the end:
Place the gravatars2-cache-refresh.php in the root directory of the site
place the gravatars folder in the wp-content folder
place the contents of the plugins folder into the plugins folder.

Activate the plugins and set the options.
I didn’t need to add the CSS Stlye for gravatars to my theme, as it already had something set.
I also didn’t need to add the required code to my comments.php file, as it too was already there.

From this site, I discovered that there is a gravatar signup plugin, which I thought might make it easier for some of my readers to get a gravatar. However, that page had been moved to here. From here, I was able to download and install it (straight into plugins folder) and activate it. Hopefully some more people will get into the gravatar thing. 🙂

Ohh, for those of you wondering what a Gravatar is, go visit the site.

I can display any gravatar I’d like in a post by inserting this code:

Gravatar Code

PJW MIME Config Plugin

By , Sunday, 27th May, 2007

Have just uploaded Peter Westwood‘s PJW MIME Congif Plugin (Version 0.9), as I will most likely be uploading a variety of SmartBoard Notebook Files, which under a default installation of WordPress, is not allowed due to security reasons 😕

So uploaded the Plugin to the Plugins directory, activated it and then went to the Options menu to add the appropriate MIME types.

Already added:
xbk – Application/Notebook
xbc – Application/Notebook
notebook – Application/Notebook

Will have to check these settings when I get back to school tomorrow though, as I set this plugin up on the Intranet I am managing there, and already added these MIME types. I think I’ve got them correct, but will check.

Here is a handy list of Multimedia MIME References.

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